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SFE ball screw
SFE ball screw

SFE ball screw

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SFE series ball screw

The SFE Series screw has a diameter of 16-50mm with a 16-64mm lead. This assembly provides a dynamic force of 11,802 kgf and a static forces up to 38,859 kgf. The maximum screw length is 6,000mm. The ends of the screw can be customized per your drawing. Please contact Anaheim Automation to discuss your specific requirements.

16mm to 50mm screw diameter

16mm to 64mm lead/pitch

Dynamic Loads to to 11,802 kgf

Static Loads up to 38,859 kgf

C7 Standard Accuracy

Model Circulation type Characteriestic Type
Singe nut SFE End-cap circulation type Suitable for high speed positioning Flange type

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