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SFI, DFI ball screw
SFI, DFI ball screw

SFI, DFI ball screw

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cnc ball screw SFI series


Internal Circulation, Flange Type  SFI series delivers high smoothness, high rigidity and high durability. With strong dust-proof design, SFI series prevents abnormal chips getting into the nut extending service life, making  SFI series applicable to contaminative environment.


Internal Circulation, Flange, Double Nut Type With internal circulation and double nut design,  DFI series features high stability, high load-carrying capacity and long service life.

SFI,DFI type nut design

In these types of nuts, by using the internal circulator which makes the ball pass over the crest diagonally, the ball will return to the starting point. Normally, one roll of balls will fit with one circulation. , these types of nuts need at least one side which is completely tooth passing, which is applicable for smaller shaft diameter

SFI ball screw diameter:16,20,25,32,40,50,63

SFI ball screw pitch:4,5,10

SFI ball screw model:SFI1605/1610/2005/2505/2510/3205/3210/4005/4010/5010/6310


DFI ball screw diameter:16,20,25,32,40,50,63/80

DFI ball screw pitch:4,5,10

DFI ball screw model:DFI1605/1610/2005/2505/2510/3205/3210/4005/4010/5010/6310/8010



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